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Today your website is your shop window and an outdated or templated digital experience is unappealing and creates a negative impression of your business. Investing time or capital into SEO and paid website traffic is essential but to then have website users bounce due to an ineffective website design makes for poor marketing ROI.

Users form an opinion about your business in 0.05 seconds when they land on your site. That’s a very short period of time to make a good impression! It’s important to capture user’s interest with a visually engaging and useful experience, moving them towards a goal (conversion) as efficiently as possible. We also recognise the importance of representing your brand online and love working with (or creating) branding and brand guidelines to ensure that your website experience is a consistently branded touchpoint that your customers have. Impactful web Branding can be executed really effectively with a combination of creative web design and technical capability through animated elements and surprising touches of creativity.

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Keeping the user at the center of the design process

We start our UX design process by mapping out the user journey and understanding where users will interact with your business online, how far they are through the buyer journey and what their goals are, for example purchasing a product or filling out a quote form. We can then move into the wireframing and prototyping phase with clarity of how the website should function to best meet users expectations and goals. This provides users with the most intuitive online experience and in turn creates high converting websites. Once we have the ideal user journey in mind it is just a matter of balancing budget, functionality and your business goals to find the best approach for ROI.

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