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Ingot is a web dev company accelerating business innovation utilising cutting edge web development solutions. We are experienced in a range of technologies and open source frameworks to create built for purpose web applications.

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Why commission custom web development services?

Creating a high impact site that visually sells your business today often involves slick animation and creative elements. We specialise in the technical execution of visually stunning websites utilising motion design, animated elements and combining this with complex functionality when required. 

When your business requires a solution that no combination of existing Shopify apps or collection of Wordpress plugins will fulfill – a custom built solution is the answer. Often times a business need is solved with a custom integration to automate workflows and improve efficiency.

Our web developers have experience with an array of platforms and open source frameworks including Shopify, Wordpress and Silverstripe. Putting you on the right platform for your business needs is essential in getting the biggest ROI on your custom web development investment.

Bespoke Ecommerce web development

The biggest bang for your buck is in third party integrations

Connecting data flows by bringing third party integrations together reduces data silos and helps you run your business more efficiently.

We have developed custom integrations with enterprise CRMs, custom Stripe integrations and inventory management systems seeing significant improvements in business efficiency through automating tasks and services. 

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